Healthy Menus For Kidney Transplant

Republic day special: 10 regional, healthy menus for individuals with kidney transplant and covid-19 infection

As India is witnessing the third wave of covid-19 pandemic which has been spreading incessantly, individuals with kidney transplant too have been dragged into the flow. As these patients have compromised immunity levels due to their immunity suppressing medications, such rapidly spreading infections may need medical and nutritional attention. These patients are usually on a long term kidney transplant diet which is almost close to a normal diet but requires a good balance of nutrients. Without a cautious selection of foods, these patients have higher a risk of obesity/ diabetes/ high cholesterol levels, etc. This may be largely due to side effects of the medicines. Hence, it is important to have a disciplined nutrition regime.

When individuals with kidney transplant fall prey to covid-19 infection, few tips should be kept in mind in order to avoid adverse nutritional outcomes:

  • Prefer plenty of warm fluids
  • Prefer foods with anti-inflammatory properties like ginger, garlic, turmeric, etc
  • Prefer adequate proteins or cereal-pulse combinations (click here to know about wholesome recipes with cereal-pulse combinations)
  • Prefer homemade well cooked food (few regional menu options listed below)
  • Avoid excess salt, sugar and fats
  • Avoid packaged food items

10 Regional, healthy menus for individuals with kidney transplant and covid-19 infection:

1. Multicereal paratha with garlic chutney and vegetable kadi

Multicereal (wheat, jowar, bajra, nachni, soya and besan) parathas can be a nutrition packed meal when combined with a vegetable of choice and vegetable kadi. Sindhi kadi is a special north Indian delicacy and can be preferred during covid-19 infection. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and hence should be included in diet during infection period.

2. Veg dalia and brown rice biryani with mutter paneer gravy

As biryani is a famous North Indian delicacy which is appetizing, tasty as well as filling, it can be included in the diet for transplant patients. Few modifications may be required if patients have issues like overweight/ obesity/ diabetes. Hence, instead of using white rice, a healthier option is brown rice with combination of dalia. Dalia is broken wheat and can be cooked in a manner similar to rice. Along with this healthy dalia and brown rice biryani, a healthy gravy of fresh green peas and paneer can be chosen.

3. Jowar ki roti with gatte ki subji and fresh turmeric salad

Fresh turmeric is a winter special ingredient and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it should be considered during episodes of infection. Jowar is a healthy millet from nutrition view point and gatte ki subji too is healthy when made by boiling the gatte (besan dumplings) instead of deep fried ones. This menu is short, quick as well as healthy for patients who may have problems like high blood pressure or diabetes or high cholesterol levels.

4. Bajre ki roti with baingan bharta and spiced grated carrot and beetroot

Bajre ki roti is a healthy millet based roti which is eaten in almost entire of North, Central, Eastern as well as Western India. Baingan bharta is a delicacy usually relished with bajre ki roti during winter season. Carrots are rich of beta carotenes which are sources of vitamin A and when combined with beetroot, it can make a perfect accompaniment.

5. Bejar roti with mutter based chana dal and stir fried raddish

Bejar roti or bejar paratha is a combination of wheat flour, jowar flour and besan (gram flour) seasoned with roasted jeera, amchur powder, coriander leaves. Chana dal is a healthy plant based protein source and mutter (green peas) too is a good source of proteins. Raddish is a healthy green leafy vegetable which is high in fiber and hence a good choice for a balanced diet.

6. Thalipeeth with pithla and peanuts and garlic chutney

Thalipeeth is a healthy Maharastrian roti which can be savored with nutritious pithla (besan and curd based thickened gravy). As peanuts are loaded with healthy fats and proteins, they make an ideal choice for chutneys. When spiced with green chillies, garlic, jeera, coriander leaves and lemon; it makes a tasty and healthy accompaniment.

7. Nachanichi bhakhri with sua bhaji and veg raita

Nachni (ragi) is rich in calcium and when combined with nutritious sua bhaji (dill leaves) it becomes a tasty menu. A mixed veg raita containing onion, tomato, cucumber is a healthy protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D rich option and can be preferred as a part of kidney transplant diet.

8. Veg rawa paniyaram with rasam and mulgapodi chutney

Rawa paniyaram is a rawa (suji) based recipe which can be made in a appam stand. It needs minimal oil and when combined with vegetables like carrots, capsicum and onion; it can be healthy mini meal option. Rasam is a healthy fluid made up of tur dal and tamarind pulp. As it contains spices like ginger, garlic which have anti-inflammatory properties, it is an ideal option during covid-19 infection. Mulgapodi is a combination of dals and til based spiced powder which can be relished as it is or with curd/ cow ghee/ healthy oils like canola oil/ olive oil.

9. Barley and besan chillas with dates and tamarind chutney and tomato soup

Barley (jav) is a diabetes and weight loss friendly millet which can be used for making rotis/ chillas. When combined with besan flour, one can make tasty chillas. Soups are one of the most healthy drinks when homemade and used unstrained in order to retain the dietary fiber.

10. Bissibelle rice/ dalia with cucumber pachdi

Bissibelle rice is an extremely famous rice and lentil based dish from South India. It is spiced dish which is usually made using rice. Individuals with kidney transplant and no health problems can surely go for this recipe but the ones who have health issues like obesity or diabetes can go for bissibelle dalia. Pachdi is a spiced raita and is usually gets along perfectly well with bissibelle rice/ dalia.

These were 10 healthy and tasty menu options for individuals with kidney transplant and covid-19 infection. For individuals needing specific dietary guidance according to their blood parameters, they should consult a Renal Dietitian. To know more about covid-19 specific quarantine special nutrition for normal individuals, click here. To know more about healthy menu options for people with diabetes and/or heart disease, click here.

Few important messages for all individuals with kidney transplant and covid-19 infection:

  • Use of well fitted mask, preferably N95 mask
  • Physical distancing. Avoidance of crowded places like marriages, parties, celebrations, public transports, etc
  • Washing hands frequently. Use alcohol based sanitizers in case hand wash is not possible.
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