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Prepping for Christmas celebrations: 7 tips for gifting healthy food hampers to your near and dear ones

With the advent of a vibrant and colourful festival, the month of December holds a special significance. The pomp and splendor of Christmas give it a perfect charm to end the year. With the glam and grandeur, there are huge varieties of eatables that hold special importance during Christmas. Certainly, this festival is associated with many family/ friends parties/ get-togethers; however owing to the covid pandemic, people are compelled to adhere to strict restrictions over social gatherings. Hence, the only best way to enjoy this festival is to stay indoors and prep some healthy food hampers for your near and dear ones.



7 nutritious replacers that can be incorporated into healthy food hampers for Christmas:

  1. Replace cookies with high protein biscuits:

Cookies are usually made up of refined flour and hence they are on the danger list when it comes to wholesome nutrition. Thankfully, we have some high protein and high fiber options that are available in a variety of flavors. These are a must-go in any food gift hamper! These high protein biscuits are suitable not only for growing kids and adolescents but also can be preferred as a healthy evening snack or post-workout snack for people on a fitness regime. As they contain some wholesome oilseeds like flaxseeds, they can be incorporated into the diets of people with heart disease, however, it is essential to first check with your Nutritionist before adding them into your regime if you have other comorbidities like obesity or diabetes or high blood pressure along with heart disease.


2. Replace muffins or macaroons with high fiber bars:

Muffins and macaroons are loaded with unhealthy carbohydrates that are devoid of dietary fiber. They can be replaced with oats/muesli/nuts-based bars and they are homemade, they prove to be extremely nutritious options to become a part of your healthy food hampers! 


3. Replace jams/ jellies with peanut butter: 

To train kids to eat healthy and nutritious food, its a good idea to gift the same to their friends. Peanut butter is a very healthy choice as it provides a good amount of proteins and also healthy fats. Peanut butter is a convincingly better option as compared to dairy butter as the latter contains more saturated fats.


4. Replace fruit candies with flavoured yogurt:

Fruit candies are made up of artificial fruit flavours and food colours. These are not only empty calories but they also carry a threat of addiction amongst kids. On the other hand, yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics – which are food items that aid in digestion. They are great sources of high-quality protein too. Hence, they prove to be ideal choices for your healthy food hampers!




5. Replace popsicles with fruit marzipans:

If you looking forward to gift some healthy nuts to your loved ones, try fruit marzipans! They are much nutritious than popsicles as they are made up of almonds; which provide antioxidants, hence they are healthy for all age groups. If you are a complete health enthusiast, you should avoid food colours or any food flavours into marzipans.

6. Replace cold drinks with milk substitutes:


If you are looking towards maintaining your regular fit lifestyle and wish to keep extra calories at bay, animal milk replacers are the best choice. You can opt for oat milk/ soya milk/ almond milk and add flavours of your choice.



7. Replace choco cookies/linzer cookies with multigrain wraps/ tortillas: Cookies made up of refined flour prove to be great on taste but miserable for the waist. In order to shape up your waist, prefer whole cereals and fresh vegetables plus a sufficient quantity of proteins which can be obtained from whole cereal or cereal and pulse tortillas. 

Rest assured with our healthy replacers will surely invite good wishes and blessings in return to make your Christmas a merrier one.


Merry Christmas!

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