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Sizzle your house this season with simple and healthy sizzling savories!

Owing to the covid pandemic, the entire world has been struggling to come to normalcy. With rigid restrictions over social gatherings, it is almost certain that we would need to spend Christmas eve indoors. So, to make indoor celebrations merrier, herewith are some wholesome and healthy sizzling savories and delicacies that can be relished along with family and friends.

Sizzling Soups

Sizzling soups: The idea of a sizzling soup is completely fascinating and when the occasion is as special as Christmas, it becomes imperative to make it lively. So here are 2 ways in which you can make your soups sizzle — either by making boiled rice or noodles or spaghetti, then deep-frying them and then pouring them over hot pipping soup (Soup can be a clear soup — veg or non-vegetarian) or by frying just a small quantity of rice or noodles in a small wok and adding them over hot piping soup that already contains a larger quantity of boiled rice or noodles.

Healthy Twist

Healthy twist: To make it more nutritious, you may use pre-soaked oats and urad dal instead of white rice or noodles. Oats make a great source of fiber and minerals while dal adds vitamin and protein content to the soup. These healthy sizzling savories are innovative  and tasty and hence can be indulged into to brighten celebrative moods for patients with diabetes or ones on a low-fat diet.

Sizzling Salads

Sizzling salads: To make things sizzle, one only needs a good sizzling plate. For making a sizzling salad, you may prefer any type of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and salad dressings. You may add dairy or non-dairy protein sources like cottage cheese or lentils or tofu or chicken. Do not forget to add nutritious nuts and microgreens. Once assembled they can be plated on a heated sizzler plate using lettuce or iceberg in the bottom. To add the sizzle, just place few cubes of dry ice on the hot sizzler plate.

Sizzling Wraps

Sizzling wraps: For making wraps, you may use fresh cabbage/ lettuce/ spinach leaves. For its inner filling, you may use — tossed veggies or veggies with pulses like rajma or chana or veggies with tiny soya granules. Once your wrap is ready with filling, you can pack it well and then roast it gently. Once done, you can place it on a pre-heated sizzler plate using an iceberg in the bottom. Place few cubes of dry ice on the hot plate to add the sizzle. Also, do not forget to add hot salsa sauce over the wraps.

Apart of the regular sizzlers; these simple, quick and healthy sizzling savories can surely add a festive spark to your indoor Christmas celebration. For more such festival special healthy recipe options , click here.


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