Weight Loss Diet


According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS), obesity has increased from 21% to 24% among women and from 19% to 23% among men between the year 2015-16 to 2020-21. This means that nearly 1 person in every 4 persons is overweight as compared to 1 in 5 ratio that was seen 5 years ago. This rapidly increasing burden of obesity also opens gates for other lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, liver disease, etc.

Read on to know who should seek dietary guidance and how can you benefit from it.

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Diabetes Diet
  • Men with body weight greater than minus 100 from their height (in cms)

  • Women with body weight greater than minus 105 from their height (in cms)

  • Individuals with body mass index (BMI) > 23 kg/m2

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  • Obesity can pave way for several other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, etc

  • Obesity – if controlled at the right time can be reversed

  • However, if left unattended; it can gradually open gates illnesses that may be irreversible

  • Any amount of weight loss is always the right step towards your perfect destination!

  • With nutrition guidance, one can begin to lose weight and with a correct exercise schedule, one can boost fat loss as well as muscle gain

  • Appropriate diet modifications and positive lifestyle changes, can go a long way in reducing the chances of several mental health disorders

  • Diet for overweight/ obesity requires careful quantification of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

  • It requires inclusion of dietary fiber, good quality proteins and healthy fat

  • This diet does not only aim for creating a calorie deficit but it is also aimed at providing healthy food options which are nutrient dense

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