Since a long time, India has remained on the top of the list of countries with the highest number of malnourished children in the world. However, the scenario has been changing since last few 2 decades. India now has been increasingly reporting alarming levels of obesity in kids and adolescents. Experts say that if this is not tackled urgently, it could take the of an epidemic within a few years. While it is extremely important to focus on diet for kids and adolescents (between the age of 3 to 14 years), owing to the increasing popularity of ready-to-eat foods, junk foods, cold drinks, etc; it is extremely difficult to retain interest in health oriented foods.
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Mothers across the world have been struggling to feed healthy diets for their children. However, owing to the easy accessibility to junk foods, it is difficult to keep kids away from indulgence. If your child is obsessed with chocolates, worry not; click here to know some better and healthier alternates of chocolates. If you are mother to a toddler, find out whether you need to seek diet for kids and adolescents and how can you benefit from same.

  • Dietary guidance for children is needed when you are looking out for:

    • Optimal growth in terms of height and weight in children

    • Avoiding chances of obesity in your children

    • Avoiding chances of deficiencies in your children; for example, iron deficiency or vitamin D deficiency in kids

  • With a well-planned and structured diet, kids can grow into healthy adults as well as healthy citizens

  • This leads to lesser burden of diseases in earlier stages of life

  • Studies have stated that kids fed healthy diets and exposed to healthy lifestyle are better at decision making as well as shouldering their responsibilities

  • Your Nutritionist can help your kids in selecting tasty and healthy food options while eating out or in cantees

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