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7 habits you may wish to give up in 2020 and 7 healthy habits you may wish to pick in 2021

No matter our age, our qualifications, our wealth or our social status; the one thing that is integral to a good quality of life is our habits. Habits are something that we pick during very early stages of life but when the right ones are inculcated they help us incredibly to become better, healthier, fitter and happier human beings. For the upcoming New year, herewith is a list of few unhealthy habits and how can one replace them with healthy habits in order to have a brighter future: 

  1. Give up the weighing scale, track your steps instead:

It is essential to know that we are not what our weighing scale shows! If you wish to quantify your health, avoid using a weighing scale and prefer a step tracker instead. The number of steps you are able to walk (without breathing difficulty) is the hallmark of your cardiac health. Cardiac refers to heart and hence people with heart issues are asked to follow a specific heart-friendly diet and also perform easy exercises like walking. Walking is considered as one of the most safest healthy habits which can be performed by people of all age groups.

Healthy Habits

Set your goals according to your own capacity. People with old age, heart problems, knee joint issues, etc may not be able to walk faster, so they may take additional time to attain their goals. However, these goals should be practical and realistic. Aim to add at least 100 steps every week till you reach your maximum limit.


Vegetable Kathi Roll

2. Give up zero carb fads, prefer healthy carb combinations instead: 

In order to lose weight or get the most captivating body shape, the most widely practiced routine is cutting down carbohydrates completely from the diet. Carbs are the most extensive sources of body fuel and cutting down completely on carbs may pose a threat in the long run. Hence, one can rather choose healthy carb combinations like carb with proteins which include recipes like soya with oats parathas or egg with multigrain chapati roll or multi cereal kathi rolls.

3.Give up on processed foods, prefer DESI/ HOMEMADE FOODS instead: 

Our Dadimaa’s recipes may take a longer time to cook but they sure are good for our health and wellbeing. Processed foods that can be instantly made like noodles, soups, gravies, etc contain too many unwanted items like stabilizers, thickeners, colours, flavours, softeners, etc. which pose a threat to our health. Indulging into too many processed or packaged food items is one of the most worrisome habits that mothers built unintentionally and hence, it should be replaced and the sooner it is done, the better!

Dadimaa’s recipes are free of such preservatives and artificial agents, hence they are safe for our health. Hence, to stay healthy one can prefer veg appam balls with veg stew over breads/toasts, thalipeeth over sandwiches/burgers, prefer handwa over pasta/lasagna, jhalmuri (bhel) over instant noodles, sindhi koki (paratha with onion and spices) over garlic bread. 

Homemade Food

4.Give up meal replacers, prefer wholesome food instead: 

Usually most widely used meal replacers are protein shakes which are very low on carbs and high on proteins. When used once-twice a week, they may prove to be beneficial; however, prolonged use with no meals in between can lead to health concerns and nutritional deficiencies. It may lead to fatigue, irregular bowels, disturbed sleep pattern, loss of interest, difficulty in focusing, etc.

Hence, a careful selection of all foods containing a good amount of nutrients is vital. Instead of artificial meal replacers, one may opt for mini-meals like vegetables tossed with low-fat paneer or egg and fresh lentil/ chicken soup.

Wholesome Food

5.Give up on office gossip, prefer an office workout instead: 

Gossip from any corner – be it kitchen or park or office is a waste of precious time and energy. One of the most versatile healthy habits that can prove to be a great get – away from the daily urge to gossip is a mini-workout like rotations, body stretching, etc.

Workout ideas that are practically possible in a small time frame include rotations of the neck, hand, and waist, calf raises, shoulder shrugs, stretching including back and sides, etc. These exercises are doable, easy, quick to perform and offer many health benefits.

6.Give up smoking, prefer chewing instead: 

Healthy Habits

Smoking increases the risk of several health issues including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, etc. It may have temporary stress releasing effect but, in the long run, it may lead to an increased risk of death. Hence, it is extremely vital to quit smoking.

One of the healthiest replacers for smoking is the use of chewing gum. It is considered amongst many safe and healthy habits as it has several benefits that include- cleansing of the teeth due to increased salivation, prevention of accumulation of plaques on teeth, it neutralizes bad odor from the mouth, it avoids the accumulation of bacteria, etc. In order to avoid sugar in the gum, one can opt for sugar-free chewing gums.

Healthy Habits

7. Give up cars, prefer bicycles instead: While the use of cars only adds to the pollution and sedentary lifestyle, switching over to bicycles is not only beneficial for fitness but is pocket-friendly too. While this shift may not seem to be a practical approach in metro cities owing to the burden of traffic, it can, however, be used for short trips like for shopping of vegetables/ grocery/ stationery or greeting friends or going to a park, etc.

Cycling helps in increasing your cardiac fitness, strengthening your muscles, improving flexibility, decreasing blood cholesterol levels, improved sleep patterns, and also in decreasing stress levels. Cycling with family and friends helps in strengthening our bonding. One should look forward for cycling even if it is possible only once or twice a week and build up this healthy habit in our future generations too.

These are some of the healthy habits that we think one can pick for the upcoming year, if you too have any more to be added to our list, please write them in the comments section below.

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