Food Options For Fitness Enthusiasts

Impress your valentine with our healthy and delicious food options for fitness enthusiasts

Fitness enthusiasts are the ones who love to keep themselves fit with regular exercise and a healthy diet routine. They like to be mindful about what food options are placed on the menu and how nutrient rich they are. Well, this should be applauded as it is high time we acknowledge the need for ditching wrong food choices.  Afterall, \’Swastha rahega India, tabhi toh aage badhega India\’. As they say the Way to a Man\’s heart is through his tummy and if in case your Valentine is a fitness enthusiast, you must consider our healthy and delicious food options to impress him.

1. Rajmah and avacado quesadilla
Rajma and avacados quesadilla
Rajmah And Avacado
Quesadillas belong to Mexican cuisine and are tradionally made up of corn tortillas. They may contain different types of vegetarian/ non-vegetarian filling and are also loaded with cheese. However, we can ditch these unhealthy ingredients by tweaking this recipe to make it a part of healthy food options for fitness regime. That can be done by adding some proteins as well as healthy fats. Rajmah (kidney beans) is a high protein pulse and avacodo contains healthy fats. The substantial amount of monounsaturated fatty acids present in avacados makes them a good choice for people with hypertension, digestive issues, heart issues as well as osteoporosis. A filing of mashed avacados with boiled rajmah, finely chopped onion, tomatoes, seasoned with salt, red chilli flakes, lemon and parsley – makes it a perfect dish for fitness enthusiasts. Instead of plain corn tortillas one can opt for multigrain tortillas to incorporate vitamins and minerals from all cereals.
2. Tofu, corn and veggies salad topped with 5 seeds
Tofu And Veggies
Tofu, corn and veggies salad topped with 5 seeds
Salads are always a hit when it comes to fitness lovers. A combination of salad vegetables with protein rich tofu (soya paneer) and healthy nuts and oilseeds makes it rich in vital nutrients. Nuts and oilseeds both provide healthy fats especially omega-3 fatty acids which are present in walnuts and flaxseeds. This salad can be topped with roasted 5 seeds including flaxseeds, calcium and phosphorus rich white and black till, safflower seeds and melon seeds. Salads are one of the most quickest food options for fitness lovers to beat food cravings between major meals.
3. Oats and choco delight smoothie
Oats And Choco Delight Smoothie
Oats and choco delight smoothie
No Valentine\’s day is complete without chocolates and when it comes to healthy food options for fitness lovers, one may wonder how to incorporate chocolates into their diets. So, herewith is a cool and interesting way of adding chocolates – i.e use chocolate flavoured plant-based milk, for example; chocolate flavoured soyamilk is an excellent option and by adding oats one can make it highly nutritious. Overnight soaked oats taste delicious when combined with flavoured soyamilk. This one of the most easiest, quick and healthy food options for fitness enthusiasts especially if you are looking forward for a wholesome morning breakfast. While selecting oats, one should remember to avoid instant oats and prefer steel cut oats or rolled oats as they are higher in dietary fibre.
4. Healthy nutty protein bar
Nutty Protein Bar
Healthy nutty protein bar
While proteins are an extremely essential component of a fitness regime, it is essential to incorporate proteins even in mini meals or snacks in order to meet up the increased demands of body. One can make a healthy protein bar using whey protein and nuts. Whey protein is a well digestible form of protein which is available as commercial supplements. One can make a slurry of dates cooked in a small amount of cow ghee and then add chopped nuts with whey protein powder. This mixture can be rolled into mini bars or chikkis or laddos. Such food options are perfect for celebration moments and when gifted, they can last longer too.
5. Strawberry sandesh
Strawberry Sandesh
Strawberry sandesh
While strawberries are seasonal fruits but the best part is they are available during the month of February. Sandesh is a sweet item made up of paneer. As paneer is proteinaceous, one can include it as a part of healthy fitness regime, however; it is important to opt for low-fat paneer (or paneer prepared from cow milk). Paneer when flavoured with or topped with fresh strawberries can become one of the most attractive food options for fitness lovers. In case you wish to completely ditch sugar from sandesh, you may dip pieces of strawberries in honey and then use them to garnish sandesh on the top.
So this way one can fulfil the idea of ‘Taste bhi, health bhi’!  These are our few quick and healthy food options for fitness lovers which can help you impress your valentine and grab some special attention in return. These small efforts are worth a try if you want to be showered with wowlicious gifts. For such healthy and personalized diet menus specific to your health conditions, you can opt for a quick and easy online diet consultation by our Qualified Nutritionist.
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