National protein week 2021: 50 simple, easy and healthy protein complimenting recipes

If we were to compare the human body to a vehicle then the role of protein would be comparable to that of fuel. Enough fuel as well as good quality fuel, both are required for the vehicles journey and same is the case with quantity as well as the quality of proteins. Proteins play an important role not only in overall growth and development during early stages but also help by performing a defensive role. Each year the last week of July is celebrated as The National Protein week. The aim of this initiative is to spread awareness about proteins, its role in our life, its sources, its quality, recommendations at different age groups and related deficiencies. For long, there has been enough discussion about the protein deficiency; especially in our country wherein the affordability issue remains significant. We need to look at ways to fill this gap. Also, if we look around closely at several world sports champions who are vegans (vegans are referred to as people who do not consume products of animal origin like milk and milk products, eggs, meat, etc. – all of which are rich sources of good quality protein) like American fooballer Tom Brady, US soccer player Alex Morgan, Spain footballer Hector Bellerin, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, Indian football player Sunil Chhetri, etc. one would really ponder upon the fact that how can these champions perform well without the major sources of proteins. The answer remains in the fact that we can combine two low quality proteins i.e. vegetarian proteins (eg cereal and pulses) which then becomes high quality proteins. It is one of the most efficient ways to incorporate all amino acids into a vegetarian diet. This is known as protein complimentation. For a common man; the concept of protein complimentation can work wonders as it does provide complete proteins. A vegetarian diet, if planned in a correct manner can help in meeting the protein demands of our body at all stages of life. On account of national protein week; we would like to share 50 simple Indian recipes that are build on the concept of protein complimentation:
  1. Doodh roti/ doodh chapati
  2. Doodh poha
  3. Doodh chawal
  4. Doodh dalia
  5. Oats with milk
  6. Milk with cornflakes
  7. Dal chawal
  8. Dal roti
  9. Dal and dalia
  10. Rice and dal khichdi
  11. Dalia khichdi
  12. Oats khicdhi
  13. Jowar khichdi
  14. Jowar and bajra khichdi
  15. Rice and moong khichdi
  16. Rice and moong, chana, vatana khichdi
  17. Rice and chana dal, massor dal, tur dal khichdi
  18. Rice and urad dal idli
  19. Rice and urad dal dosa
  20. Rice and urad dal uttapam
  21. Rice and urad appam balls
  22. Curd rice/ dahi chawal
  23. Rice with dahi ki kadi/ kadi chawal
  24. Curd roti/ dahi roti
  25. Curd poha/ dahi poha
  26. Curd with puffed rice/ dahi kurmura chaat
  27. Curd with khakhra/ dahi khakhra
  28. Curd with gujarati thepla/ gujarati thepla with dahi
  29. Roti cooked in buttermilk/ chaas roti
  30. Curd oats/ dahi wale oats
  31. Rice dumplings in buttermilk
  32. Paneer paratha
  33. Paneer pulao
  34. Dalia upma with paneer
  35. Oats upma with paneer
  36. Jowar and rawa upma with paneer
  37. Maharashtrain poli with pithla
  38. Chapati with tomato omlette rolls
  39. Rajmah chawal
  40. Dalia and masala rajmah
  41. Oats and masala rajmah
  42. Rice and whole moong dosas/ pesurruttu
  43. Leftover khichdi with veggies uttapam
  44. Leftover khichdi with veggies tikkis
  45. Leftover oats and sprouts tikkis
  46. Poha and sprouts tikkis
  47. Poha and paneer with veggies tikkis
  48. Dalia, paneer with veggies tikkis
  49. Chapati with paneer frankie
  50. Chapati wraps with rajmah or choley and veggies
One can use these recipes during different meal times with different combinations to gain maximum health benefits. Protein complimentation is an under-recognized method which can be and should be utilized when one has limited sources available at hand, for eg: if one has enough grains but less dals (as dals are expensive), one should opt for combining the two to make best quality proteins. This way we can ensure enough and good quality proteins and make our efforts to tackle the protein deficiency in a healthy manner.
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