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Does your Valentine have juvenile diabetes? Worry not, make your valentines day celebration a healthy one with just a few simple ideas

With Valentine’s day cheer in the air, most of us wish to celebrate it with our loved ones. Be it brunch or dinner, we may want to grab on time with each other and gorge on some sumptuous food together. However, in case one of the partners has juvenile diabetes, choosing healthy food options can be a matter of concern. So, we herewith present some diet tips for individuals with juvenile diabetes.

Eggs: Egg white is the best quality protein as it is very efficiently utilized by the human body. Also, it is a good option for the ones who are lactose intolerant. Eggs can be added to multi cereal sandwiches along with veggies. It can also be added to whole wheat or multi cereal burgers with healthy hummus as a spreadStreet food lovers can prefer egg bhurji wraps. Eggs can also be added to oats to make a wholesome breakfast/ snack.

Tomato Soup With Green Table

2. Soups: Soup is a healthy fluid for people with diabetes as it is not only lower in calories but is also high in vitamins and minerals. Additionally, one can make it nutrient-dense by adding dals and chopped vegetables. It is advisable to opt for a freshly made vegetable soup without cornstarch/ cornflour/ cream/oil/ ghee/ butter, etc. A ready-to-eat soup or soup premix is a complete NO-NO for the ones with juvenile diabetes.

Fresh Vegetable Salad

3. Salads: There can be several varieties of salads that can be prepared, however; when we talk of salads we need to keep following things in mind for people on a diabetic diet. What can go into salads —coloured veggies with boiled soya/ sprouts/ rajma/ chana/ low fat paneer/ tofu/ boiled peanuts. What should not go into salads — full-fat cream, full fat paneer, mayonnaise, cream or mayo-based spreads, cheese spreads, chips, nacho chips, taco chips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mangoes, banana, and grapes.


4. Curd: Curd is not only protein, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus-rich, and gut-friendly but is also an extremely versatile ingredient in terms of its smooth merging with any and every ingredient. It can be incorporated easily into marination\’s, salads, cereals, fruits, veggies, etc. A variety of dips can be created with curd which can be had with rotis or parathas or khakhras, for example, mint curd dip, garlic curd dip, paprika curd dip, basil and beet curd dip, etc.

5. Valentine\’s day special DESI options: In case you wish to have some ready-to-eat food options, herewith are few desi options for Valentine\’s day:

  • Gobhi paratha with pindi choley
  • Onion/ muli paratha with rajma dal
  • Palak and pudina paratha with dal tadka
  • Garlic paratha with palak paneer
  • Rajmah paratha with vegetable raita
  • Moong dal paratha with gatte ki subji
  • Methi paratha with tamatar ki subji
  • Jowar ki roti aur bhuna shimla mirch
  • Bajra ki roti aur baingan ka bharta
  • Nachni aur pyaaz ki roti with garlic raita

AVOID: Avoid chocolates, puddings, cakes, ice creams, milk shakes, or other desserts unless they are made with artificial sweeteners and without sweetened milk and maida (refined flour).


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