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On a diabetic or low-fat diet and wish to savor delicious fondue recipes for New years eve?

Celebration times (including vacations/ parties/ festivities, etc) are the most difficult times when one has 2 or more health concerns like diabetes and high cholesterol or diabetes with high blood pressure. Adhering to a well planned diabetic or low-fat diet is one of the key principles towards overall cardiac health. When on a specific diet especially diabetic or low-fat diet, one may fall short of healthy, celebration special recipes and it becomes  difficult to select healthy meal options including main course as well as mini meals. On the other hand, when it comes to recipes like fondues, the first thing that comes to our mind is cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Infact, these are the most common fondues available on the internet. For a Mumbaikar a local extension to this, is a tasty and yummy pav bhaji fondue. However, when it comes to selecting a fondue recipes suitable for diabetic diet or low-fat diet for Indians, the internet too may not pop up perfect results. So, lets take a deep dive into fondues and how to make it more suitable for people on a diabetic or low-fat diet.

What are fondues?

Fondue is an elegant Swish dish that comprises of a fondue-pot and a long stemmed fork used for picking a short piece of bread or cake. One can dip this bread or cake in the hot fondue and enjoy this delicacy. Usually the bread is dipped in melting cheese (cheese fondue) while cake is dipped in hot melting chocolate (chocolate fondue). Isnt this apparatus extremely tempting for events like New years eve? Well yes, but for individuals with diabetes or high cholesterol; considering such recipes may not seem possible. It surely needs out of box thinking to compile such recipes. Hence, herewith are some simple, easy, desi, vegetarian fondue recipe options for individuals who are on a diabetic or low-fat diet:

1. Pumpkin shorba fondue with stir fried veggies:

Shorba is a thicker version of a soup. To make pumpkin shorba, you can saute finely chopped onion, ginger, fresh turmeric, garlic, mint (pudina) and coriander leaves with 1 tsp oil and then grind it into a smooth paste. Although pumpkin has a high glycemic index (GI – higher the GI, greater the chances of blood sugar elevation) it has a low glycemic load (GL – lower the GL, lower the impact on blood sugar elevation); hence it is a safe option for individuals with diabetes. When combined with stir fried vegetables like brocolli, bell peppers, french beans, carrots, etc it can form an ideal low carb and low fat meal for celebrations.

Roasted flaxseeds can be added to stir fired vegetables to add omega 3 fatty acids for patients with high cholesterol. 

2. Dal makhani fondue with oats and veggie tikkis:

Dal makhani is a rich dal made up of black urad and rajmah beans – a combination which is favorable for both patients with diabetes as well as high cholesterol. This recipe usually contains cream but for health purposes, we need to omit cream. For oats and veggie tikkis, one can use roasted oats flour and add finely chopped veggies like onion, capsicum, cabbage with salt and masalas. These tikkis can be roasted on a non-stick pan using minimal oil.

Oats are an excellent source of soluble fiber that helps not only in lowering weight but also in lowering blood sugar, cholesterol as well as improving gut health.

3. Palak paneer fondue with barbequed low-fat paneer/ tofu:

Desi palak paneer is a delicacy to be savored in winter season. As a green leafy vegetable, it is on a must-eat list for people with diabetes. When served in a fondue pot with barbequed low-fat paneer; patients with diabetes can completely indulge into this meal minus any guilt. If patients with high cholesterol wish to avoid paneer, they can prefer tofu. Along with paneer/ tofu, one can add barbequed veggies like onion, capsicum and bell peppers. One can season these veggies and paneer with roasted flaxseeds, red chilli flakes, dried basil and thyme.

Tofu is soya paneer and is an excellent vegan high protein option suitable for patients on diabetic diet and/ or low-fat diet.

4. Panchvati dal and palak fondue with mini dalia and veggie tikkis:

Panchvati refers to a combination of 5 dals. They include tur dal, chana dal, moong dal – as majority while urad dal and masoor dal as a minority. One can boil these dals in pressure cooker and saute it along with onion, tomatoes and chopped palak. Add all masalas and seasoning similar to dal tadka and then transfer it to the fondue-pot. Dalia (broken wheat) tikkis can be made by adding finely chopped vegetables like onion, carrots, cabbage and capsicum to boiled dalia. Small amount of besan (gram flour) may be needed as a binder to make these tikkis. These tikkis need to be shallow fried on a non-stick pan or can be fried on an air fryer using minimal oil.

5. Paneer makhani fondue with marinated low-fat paneer:

Paneer makhani involves a rich gravy of onion, tomatoes and several Indian herbs and spices with marinated paneer. The gravy of paneer makhani can go into the fondue pot and enjoyed with marinated paneer. This is a perfect winter special, desi, healthy, nutritious and guilt-free diabetic fondue recipe for New years eve.

Paneer makhani is a classic fusion of North Indian  and Swish delicacy that can be savoured as a part of diabetes-friendly diet.

The above recipe options as for general guidance. Patients with specific needs or preferences can avail specific guidance from a Qualified Nutritionist. Happy New Year!
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