Independence Day Special

75th Independence day special: 75 healthy diabetic recipes for breakfast

Independence Day Special

As India heads towards the 75th year of independence, we recount several stories of bravery, courage, sacrifice and martyrdom of our freedom fighters. Post-independence the growth of India in various avenues like small and large scale manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture, transportation, telecommunication, etc remains progressive. The spurt of urbanization has brought with itself several advantages like better access to electricity, medical facilities, digitalization, etc. However, the downside remains that with better availability and accessibility of food, the trajectory of nutrition has gone from undernutrition to over-nutrition (obesity).

Owing to urbanization, there is an easy access to packed foods; even by people belonging to extremely poor strata. As they are easy to procure and ready-to-eat; the conventional fresh, homemade foods are almost forgotten. In a nutshell, when a poor man of the country goes from chapati to white bread, there remains concern of over-nutrition as well as other comorbidities like high blood pressure and diabetes. Also, due to lack of knowledge about healthy diabetic recipes and tonnes of information available online, it may seem confusing for people to filter wrong information from the right one. If you wish to know how to keep diabetes at bay, click here. To know about facts and figures of diabetes across the world.

Breakfast Recipes For Diabetes

The problem doesn\’t end here as it can soon invite threats like heart disease. People with diabetes are almost twice as likely to have heart disease or stroke as compared to the ones without diabetes. A big question remains about how can we take a U-turn from packed foods to healthy homemade foods. To address this; we present 75 Indian, easy, simple and healthy diabetic recipes which can be prepared at home with minimal expertise:

  1. Veg quinoa upma
  2. Veg dalia upma
  3. Veg oats upma
  4. Veg dalia and quinoa upma
  5. Veg oats and dalia upma
  6. Veg oats and quinoa upma
  7. Veg dalia and moong dal upma
  8. Veg dalia and urad dal upma
  9. Veg dalia and moong dal (with skin) upma
  10. Veg nachni and rawa upma
  11. Veg jowar and rawa upma
  12. Veg dalia and rawa upma
  13. Veg oats and rawa upma
  14. Veg quinoa and rawa upma
  15. Veg barley (jav) and rawa upma
  16. Whole wheat khakhra/ whole wheat masala khakhra
  17. Jowar khakhra
  18. Bajra khakhra
  19. Jowar and bajra khakhra
  20. Whole wheat jeera khakhra
  21. Whole wheat methi khakhra
  22. Whole wheat and jowar khakhra
  23. Whole wheat, jowar and bajra khakhra
  24. Whole wheat and oats khakhra
  25. Whole wheat, jowar and methi khakhra
  26. Whole wheat, oats and methi khakhra
  27. Whole wheat and soya khakhra
  28. Whole wheat, soya and methi khakhra
  29. Wheat and besan khakhra
  30. Whole wheat and besan with ajwain khakhra
  31. Veg oats idlis
  32. Veg oats and rawa idlis
  33. Veg rawa idlis
  34. Rawa appam balls
  35. Veg appam balls
  36. Rawa dosa
  37. Veg rawa dosa
  38. Oats dosa
  39. Oats with urad dal dosa
  40. Veg oats with besan flour chilla
  41. Veg besan chilla
  42. Veg moong dal chilla
  43. Veg moong dal, chana dal and urad dal chilla
  44. Veg moong dal with skin chilla
  45. Veg nachni chilla
  46. Veg nachni and barley chilla
  47. Whole wheat chapatis/ paratha/ bhakhri
  48. Whole wheat masala chapati/ paratha/ bhakhri
  49. Whole wheat and soya flour chapatis
  50. Whole wheat and soya, jowar, makai, chana chapatis
  51. Whole wheat and mutter parathas
  52. Whole wheat and palak parathas
  53. Whole wheat and methi parathas
  54. Whole wheat, muli leaves parathas
  55. Whole wheat and coriander, mint parathas
  56. Whole wheat, carrot, cabbage and capsicum parathas
  57. Whole wheat, carrot, capsicum and beetroot parathas
  58. Whole wheat and cauliflower, coriander, garlic parathas
  59. Whole wheat, chana dal and onion parathas
  60. Whole wheat, rajmah and spring onion paratha
  61. Whole wheat, moong dal and muli leaves parathas
  62. Whole wheat, sarson and palak parathas
  63. Whole wheat, amaranth and garlic parathas
  64. Jowar bhakhri
  65. Bajra bhakhri
  66. Oats bhakhri
  67. Jowar and bajra bhakhri
  68. Veg oats and pudina roti
  69. Sprouted moong/ matki/ chana/ vatana/ rajmah/ lobia salad
  70. Soya/ soya granules/ soya chunks salad
  71. Tofu and low fat paneer salad
  72. Quinoa with boiled sprouts and flaxseeds salad
  73. Quinoa with boiled sprouts and fruits (apple/ pear/ pomegranate) salad
  74. Quinoa with oats, boiled kabuli chana and flaxseeds seeds salad
  75. Quinoa with oats, rajmah and walnuts seeds salad

This exhaustive list of healthy diabetic recipes are also safe for ones with pre-diabetes and also for the ones with type 1 diabetes or gestational diabetes. Portion control is the most important feature when it comes to blood sugar control and hence, one should consult a qualified Nutritionist to know the portion size that can be eaten without guilt.

To know more about simple, healthy food items for newly detected diabetics, click here.

Wishing you all happy 75th Independence day.

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