Micro Meals For Diabetes

7 simple, desi, affordable and convenient micro meals for people with newly detected diabetes

When it comes to cutting down on food, the most testing times are those hunger pangs that arise between 10-11 am/6–7pm / at late night. These are times when one feels like indulging in some small tit-bits, which we call micro meals. The mini-meal is actually the ideal word but for the sake of calorie reduction, we are using the word micro meal here. Once detected with diabetes, it is extremely important to choose these micro meals with caution. In order to deal with smaller hunger pangs, we herewith present to you some healthy and desi micro meal options which safe for people with newly detected diabetes:


  1. Nachni/ ragi puffs: These are small, round, greyish pink coloured puffs of the millet nachni, also known as ragi. It is rich in calcium and is an excellent alternate for rice. Instead of rice puffs (kurmura), a healthier option like nachni puff is better for people on a weight loss diet or diabetic diet. It can be eaten as it is or can also be roasted before eating. It is extremely light in weight and can be carried easily in a small tiffin box. This is a highly recommended snack if you have anyone newly detected diabetes in your family.

2Jowar popcorns: Jowar is an excellent alternative to wheat. As we are aware that rice has a high glycemic index (GI) (meaning it raises blood sugar level easily) and wheat is a cereal which is known to reduce insulin sensitivity, mainly in predominantly wheat eating population, we should look for better options in case of individuals with diabetes. After nachni, jowar is another great option as it is gluten-free, it has several antioxidants and vitamins as compared to wheat and rice. Jowar popcorns are great as a mini or micro snack for people with newly detected diabetes.

3. Roasted soya: Soyabean is an excellent source of vegetarian protein. It also has several beneficial properties as compared to dairy proteins like lowering LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein)cholesterol. It is one of the richest sources of proteins amongst the category of dals and pulses. Its protein level is almost double that of tur dal, moong dal, or urad dal. It is important to cook it well before eating it when used as beans themselves. When used as roasted beans, it can be enjoyed like roasted peanuts. However, people with newly detected diabetes as well as high uric acid levels should prefer soya with caution or after consulting their Nutritionist

4. Roasted chana: Chana is Bengal gram. It too is a good source of protein. It is easily available across the country at a low cost. It is also available in different flavours and with/ without skin. It is always preferable to select chana with skin as skins add to the fiber content of an ingredient. Roasted chana can also be added to roasted jowar popcorns/ roasted nachni puffs/ roasted jowar puffs.

5. Multigrain chivda: Multigrain chivda usually consists of roasted oats, muesli, roasted jowar, roasted soya, rice puffs, nachni puffs and cornflakes. It is dry in texture and is light in weight. The advantage is that it is not loaded with extra salt which usually diet chivdas are. Usually in the name of the diet, the salt content is doubled in many items in order to enhance taste value. Multigrain chivda is very convenient option for people with newly detected diabetes. It can be easily stored in office drawer and munched to quench the small hunger pangs.

6. Curd/ buttermilk: Curd is an excellent probiotic (an agent that helps in the growth of good intestinal bacteria) and when the curd is made into buttermilk, it becomes an excellent rehydrating fluid. Curd is also a good source of protein calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is ideal for taking care of the mini hunger pangs that arise maybe just before a meeting or before taking a flight or before delivering a talk.

7. Sprouts: Sprouted pulses like sprouted moong, moth beans, chana, etc are excellent sources of proteins plus vitamin C. They should always be boiled before consuming as the inhibitors present in them get destroyed on boiling. When combined with veggies, they are an excellent source of fiber too. A dash of lemon and chaat masala gives it a mouth-watering appeal. Sprouts are an extremely must-go snack during evening hours and are safe for all age groups.

The above tips also hold true for people with newly detected diabetes as well as the ones with impaired blood sugar (i.e. the ones who are not detected with frank diabetes but are detected with blood sugar level above the normal range). For such individuals, it is crucial to monitor their diet as they can turn down their chances of becoming diabetics in future. If not attended, they may develop diabetes in near future and may need medical management along with diet management.




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